Congratualtions on choosing a quilt from Maryland Fiber Arts. We trust you will enjoy it for years to come. Our quilts are works of art and should be treated as such. Here are some suggestions for maintaining your quilt.

Avoid exposing your quilt to prolonged periods of sunlight. The light from the sun can weaken the fabric and fade the colors.

When not used quilts should be stored in a cotton bag, or sleeve. (We can provide instructions on how to sew such a bag, or you can contact us to have one made for you).

Although quilts can be washed, do so at your own risk. We cannot guarantee colorfastness. Our quilts are made from premium cotton fabrics but new regulations on the fabric industry have reduced the type and amount of chemicals used in assuring colorfastness. Spot cleaning is preferred – test an inconspicuous spot with a white cloth moistened with plain water. If the color transfers to the cloth the quilt is likely to bleed if washed or immersed in water.

If you must wash the entire quilt use cold water and a very gentle cycle. Use phosphate-free detergent. Tumble dry (low heat) or line dry draping it over several times to distribute the weight. Water soaked quilts are heavy!

If you need further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.