Quilt Top

  • Take a photo of your quilt and backing. Send us a copy along with the quilt. Keep a copy yourself. (You might want to take a photo of you and the quilt together for insurance purposes in the event the quilt is lost in shipping).
  • Mark the top of the quilt with a safety pin.
  • Mark the top of the backing with a safety pin (needed only if your backing is directional).
  • Remove all basting and any pins (except the top marker pin if present).
  • Trim any loose threads and remove embellishments if present.
  • Place all items in a plastic bag prior to packing for shipment to protect against moisture.

Backing and Binding

  • Quilt Backing needs to be at least 4 inches larger on all four sides (and preferably
    6 inches, if possible). For example, a 45” x 60” quilt will have backing that is
    53” x 68”. Please note that the maximum width for our machine is 120”.
  • Verify that your quilt backing is seamed (unless our optional service is selected)
  • Binding fabric included and labelled – we only accept standard fabric (no minky or fleece or other similar types)