Standard Mattress and Quilt Sizes

The chart below shows the standard manufacturer sizes for bedding. We use these measurements when designing and advertising our quilts. Be advised that you should carefully measure your bed to verify that the quilt will fit properly and to your liking.

  • Comforters only cover the mattress – no pillow tuck.
  • Coverlets will generally cover the mattress and the box spring.  They include a pillow tuck of 10 inches.
  • Bedspreads are large enough to reach the floor.  They also include a 10 inch pillow tuck.

To determine custom quilt sizes (those not shown in the table) that would best pair with the size of your mattress, add the numbers found in the last two rows of the chart (for width and length) to the width and length of your mattress.


Chart provided by Generations Quilt Patterns (